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My video or audio has uploaded with the wrong language code
My video or audio has uploaded with the wrong language code
Written by Jeremy Shapero
Updated over a week ago

All media should upload to the LivingLens platform with a language code designating the media's spoken language. This appears in a channel as a Language filter in the Standard filter section.

As part of media upload, the language is selected:

  • CaptureMe β€” By respondents as part of setting up the CaptureMe mobile app on their device.

  • Media Capture β€” By survey programmers setting up a media capture component in a survey. Set the language code in the HTML block.

  • Website β€” By LivingLens platform Pro users when uploading media directly to a channel.

  • API β€” By individuals setting up an API integration from a 3rd Party platform to LivingLens.

If media is set to the incorrect language, the channel orders transcription in the incorrect language. Customer Admins can edit media to select the correct language, see Manage media. You may need to order a new transcription (and translation if applicable) once media is labeled with the correct language, see Upgrade.

If your account does not have a Customer Admin, contact LivingLens Support via Medallia Knowledge Center to have media set to the correct language and re-request transcription.

Include in your ticket:

  • The media URL(s) that have the incorrect language

  • The correct language for each media file

LivingLens Support will manually reset the media language and resubmit the media for transcription (and translation if applicable).

Note: The SLA for the transcription begins once the language code is reset by LivingLens Support.

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