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Media View: Transcript Management
Media View: Transcript Management
Written by Jeremy Shapero
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Users can manage a transcript by editing the spoken word and English text or ordering a different transcription service.

Edit a transcript

Role required: Customer Admin, Channel Admin, or Pro. See User roles.

  1. Click Edit Transcript so the button changes color.

  2. Click on a word to edit in the transcript. This opens the text editor area beneath the transcript field.

  3. Edit the cue point that contains the word in the text editor.

  4. Click Save.

    Important: Edits do not save if you do not click Save before clicking to a different cue point.

  5. Click another line of transcript to open a new cue point in the text editor for further edits. Click Save after you edit each cue point.

  6. Click Edit Transcript to exit the text editor.

Each cue point has a 100 character maximum. There is no way to extend the character maximum.

Important: There is no change log for transcript edits. LivingLens is unable to retrieve earlier transcript text it is manually edited by a platform user.

Note: Transcript edits appear in the LivingLens platform. Transcript edits made in LivingLens also appear in Medallia Experience Cloud Responses Form as part of LivingLens Experience Edition.


Role required: Customer Admin, Channel Admin, or Pro. See User roles.

Upgrade transcripts to order human transcription and/or translation for video and audio files.

Important: Upgrade to any human transcription or translation solution incurs additional cost. Contact your Medallia Representative for pricing information.

To upgrade a transcript.

  1. Click Upgrade.

  2. Select a transcription option for the native speech from the Transcription menu. Note: Select Speaker Separation to order this formatting for supported languages.

  3. Select an English translation option from the Translation menu.

  4. Click Upgrade to place the order. This will automatically send the order via API.

  5. Upgraded transcription and/or translation will automatically appear in the platform upon completion.

Note: Upgrade to Human transcription with Speaker Separation is only available for English language media. See Speaker Separation.

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