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IP allow-listing
IP allow-listing
Written by Jeremy Shapero
Updated over a week ago

IP allow-listing forces users to connect to ​Medallia LivingLens​ via known and approved IP addresses. Valid users trying to sign in to ​LivingLens​ from a computer not on a configured IP address are denied access.​

​IP allow-listing in ​LivingLens​ is currently not self-serve. Customers must request for their IP addresses to be added to the IP allow-list by submitting a support ticket via ​Medallia Knowledge Center​. Alternatively, customers may request IP allow-listing during onboarding with their Services team.​

​An allow-list is configured at the Customer level and cannot be configured to be at the ​channel​ level. When a user's platform access token requests to access a channel and its media, their IP address is validated at the Customer Group level.

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