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Capture options
Capture options
Written by Jeremy Shapero
Updated over a week ago

Medallia LivingLens has integrations/APIs that enable video, audio and image ingest from:

  • Media Capture β€” An embeddable component customers can integrate into any JavaScript-friendly survey platform

  • CaptureMe β€” LivingLens' mobile self-ethnography app

  • Zoom integration β€” Connect a Zoom account to LivingLens to import cloud recorded meetings

  • Manual file upload in a LivingLens channel

Bulk file upload is technically possible as a service of the Medallia service team. As such, it’s to be determined on a case-by-case basis, and may be an added cost. Bulk file upload is not available for users. Bulk upload is only available for video and audio files, not images.

Note: Bulk upload is managed through Dropbox, so a company needs to approve Dropbox use.

Upload from social media is not an option. It might be a capability one day, but not today for a variety of reasons, including legal and product.

Regardless of the capture method, all content is run through the platform analysis tools to make it searchable, give it ongoing value and help create stories that drive action.

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