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Media Capture: Medallia integrations
Media Capture: Medallia integrations
Written by Jeremy Shapero
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Media Capture in LivingLens Experience Edition

The LivingLens Media Capture component is natively integrated in Medallia Experience Cloud (MEC) Survey Builder and AskNow. Customers have the option to set up a video or audio component. Image capture is not currently supported in MEC. File upload via LivingLens Media Capture is not available in MEC.

There is a hard limitation of one Media Capture component, video or audio, per MEC survey page.

There is no limit to the number of video or audio questions a customer can include in a survey. Each component creates a separate and unique MEC q-field to store the respective media transcript.

The Media Capture component in MEC:

  • Is the LivingLens v2 component. See Media Capture β€” Versioning.

  • Has no minimum recording length.

  • Has a 30 minute maximum recording length for desktop survey takers.

In MEC, best practice is to use survey logic to ask whether a respondent would like to leave a video or audio response and embed the appropriate media capture component in a subsequent question.

Restriction: Full Media Capture capabilities and customization are not available for Media Capture-integrated questions in Medallia Experience Cloud.

LivingLens Media Capture in CheckMarket by Medallia

The LivingLens Media Capture component is available as a video question in CheckMarket surveys. For more information, see CheckMarket documentation.

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