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Key Themes Analysis
Key Themes Analysis
Written by Jeremy Shapero
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Restriction: LivingLens Analytics are not available for LivingLens Experience Edition. Contact your Medallia Representative for more information.

LivingLens Key Themes is the text analysis of video and audio transcripts to identify key words. Key Themes are only available on spoken English transcripts and English translations of spoken non-English.

Key Themes highlight the main terms in a transcript to help you generate meaning without having to watch an entire media item or read the full transcript.

From October 2021, Key Themes Analysis is automatically available on every new LivingLens channel.


Natural Language Processing simulates the human ability to understand language by tagging parts of speech, such as named entities, keywords, and concepts, in order to help machines “read” the text. The software then identifies the most important concepts.

Note: Themes are automatically identified for each individual media file. The analytics are sourced from a generic database and cannot be customized to industry, topic or brand.


View Key Themes.

*For non-English content, start from the English translation tab

  1. Click Highlight keywords

  2. Use the arrows to toggle through each theme identified in the transcript

  3. Click Highlight keywords to exit the view

If Highlight keywords is not visible on an English transcript or translation, Key Themes Analysis is not activated on the channel. Contact LivingLens Support via Medallia Knowledge Center.

The Analytics page can display an aggregate view of Key Themes. The word cloud display is weighted by the number of media items the theme appears in. The Key Themes word cloud is labeled “Keyword Analysis” in the Analytics tab. See Analytics Module Display.

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