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Tutorial Video: Showreels - Generate a showreel
Tutorial Video: Showreels - Generate a showreel
Written by Jeremy Shapero
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Role required: Customer Admin, Channel Admin, or Pro. See User roles.

To generate a showreel for download:

  1. Click the Generate button in the upper right to generate a download file.

  2. Confirm the Generation Configuration selections. If you want to make any changes to these selections, click X or Cancel to leave the summary. Navigate back to the Generate Configuration editor to update and save new settings.

  3. Click Generate on the Generate modal. This will begin processing and automatically the user return to the Showreel overview screen.

Showreel generation may take a few minutes. When the showreel status is 'Generating', the system retrieves the clips from the original media and inputs transition slides and subtitle and overlay text.

The showreel status is 'Generated' when the showreel is available for download.

Tip: Refresh the Showreel screen to see status updates. The page does not automatically refresh.

Click on the download icon to locally download the showreel as an .MP4 file.

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