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Tutorial Video: Showreels - Styling Configuration
Tutorial Video: Showreels - Styling Configuration
Written by Jeremy Shapero
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Role required: Customer Admin, Channel Admin, or Pro. See User roles.

Showreel Styling Configuration is where users customize the text styling they want to overlay on clips and transition slides that they make within a showreel. Changes to the default styling will only apply to clips and transition slides made after you select and save default styling selections.

Click the configuration cog and select Styling Configuration.

You have the option to select defaults for:

  • Font

  • Font size

  • Text color

  • Text background. Including how transparent you want the background color to be.

Tip: If you know you want to make Styling selections, best practice is to make your first clip, navigate to the show reel editor, make your Styling selections, and then return to exploring your content. Any clips you make after setting the Styling selections will have your desired font and colors.

You can change your font, size and color on a clip by clip, or transition by transition basis, using that clip or transition's overlay tab.

Remember to save as you go.

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