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Tutorial Video: Showreels - Overview of the Showreel editor
Tutorial Video: Showreels - Overview of the Showreel editor
Written by Jeremy Shapero
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Role required: Customer Admin, Channel Admin, or Pro. See User roles.

Click Showreels from a channel's top navigation bar.

By default, a user's showreels are displayed in chronological order with the most recently edited displayed first. You will see the showreels you have made or have ownership of.

When your showreel's status is editable, click the pencil edit icon to navigate to the editor view.

From the editor page, you can:

  • Fine-tune edit clips so that the speaker starts and ends exactly where you'd like. See our fine-tune edit tutorial for more detail.

  • Overlay text on clips and transition slides.

  • Navigate back to any clip's original media by clicking the "View Original Media" button beneath the player.

And, from the carousel at the bottom of the editor page:

  • You can see every clip and transition within a showreel.

  • This is also where you make transition slides for the reel.

  • A media icon in the upper right corner of each clip lets you know if the clip is a video or an image. You'll be able to see if text has been overlaid and preview the text by hovering over this icon.

  • You can adjust the order of clips quickly and easily using the Move icons.

  • Delete a clip or transition slide.

  • Copy a clip or transition slide.

  • Preview by clicking "Play Showreel".

Remember to save as you go!

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