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Tutorial Video: Showreels - Overview of Showreels tab
Tutorial Video: Showreels - Overview of Showreels tab
Written by Jeremy Shapero
Updated over a week ago

Role required: Customer Admin, Channel Admin, or Pro. See User roles.

Click Showreels from a channel's top navigation bar.

By default, the platform displays showreels you are the owner of. They are displayed in chronological order with the most recently edited displayed first.

Use the Owner menu to filter between this view and to see all users' showreels in a channel. This screen gives you an overview of the showreels.

  • The total duration

  • Number of clips

  • Showreel owner

  • Showreels status:

    • Editable — indicates that the showreel is available for you to make edits or add clips. You are that showreels owner.

    • View Only — showreel is editable but owned by another channel user. You are able to view this showreel but not make any edits or add clips to it.

    • Generated — the showreel has been generated for download. You and any channel user can download.

  • Available actions:

    • Edit (pencil icon) — Edit the showreel. You are the showreel owner.

    • Transfer ownership (people icon) — Transfer ownership and the ability to edit the showreel to another Customer Admin, Channel Admin, or Pro user on the channel.

    • View (eye icon) — View another user's Editable showreel.

    • Copy (pages icon) — Make an editable copy of any showreel, provided all change have been saved by the showreel owner.

    • Download — Download a generated showreel.

    • Delete (trash icon) — Delete a showreel. Once deleted, a showreel is irretrievable.

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