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Tutorial Video: Create a clip
Tutorial Video: Create a clip
Written by Jeremy Shapero
Updated over a week ago

Role required: Customer Admin, Channel Admin, or Pro. See User roles.

To create a clip:

  1. Highlight the text of the clip. The clip's start and end points will appear marked by the white scrubber on the video player.

  2. Click the scissor icon to save the clip.

  3. Type in a clip name.

  4. Add the clip to a showreel:

    1. Add to an existing showreel by selecting the reel from the Select Existing Showreel menu, or

    2. Create a new showreel. Select Create New Showreel and type in a Showreel name.

  5. Click on the Create Clip button.

Don't worry if the clip does not start or end exactly where you'd like. You will have the opportunity to fine-tune edit your clips on the Showreel's editor page.

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