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Tutorial Video: Facial Blur
Written by Jeremy Shapero
Updated over a week ago


  • Facial Blur must be enabled on a channel.

  • A Customer Admin, Channel Admin, or Pro user license.

Facial blurring uses automatic machine technology to detect and blur faces within video and image content. There are two options.

  1. Facial blur -- detects and tracks face within a video so each individual face that is detected can be blurred from all angles.

  2. Full blur -- will blur the entire video or image.

When blurring is enabled, select specific media to blur. To blur content:

  1. Start from a channel's Media Library.

  2. Click the Select Media icon.

  3. From the services menu, select your blur option, either Facial Blur or Full Blur.

  4. Select each piece of content to blur so that it has a check mark. Only blur video and images if you want the blurred view to be the media's default view.

  5. Once you have made your selections, click Blur.

  6. Once the blurring has processed, check your selections. If Facial Blur does not meet your needs, re-process the content with Full Blur.

A small eye icon in the lower left corner of the media thumbnail indicates blurred content. Filter to blurred content from the filter drawer by using the blurred content filter.

Only blur video and images if you desire the blurred view to be the default view for all users. There is no automatic process for reverting a blurred video or image back to its original unblurred state. This includes the inability to switch from a Full Blur back to a Facial Blur.

Customer Admin, Channel Admin, and Pro users can still view or download the original unblurred video or image. When you click a video or image to view the player page, toggle to the unblurred view by clicking the eye icon. Download either the original unblurred or the blurred version of your content via the download menu.

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