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How do I import filter data after my videos are in LivingLens?
How do I import filter data after my videos are in LivingLens?

How to upload metadata (e.g. survey data) as filters after video, audio, image content is in to LivingLens.

Written by Jeremy Shapero
Updated over a week ago

Before you start:

  • You must have a Channel Admin account on LivingLens to import metadata. Contact LivingLens Support via Medallia Knowledge Center to request a Channel Admin license on any channel that requires metadata (filters) upload.

  • If you have a lot of videos to match, Excel formulas like Vlookup and Concatenate help to efficiently match and upload your filter data.

1) Log into LivingLens (see Production regions) and navigate to the correct channel from the dropdown menu on the top right of the screen.

2) Click the “Data Export” button underneath the channel name. See screenshot below.

3) Click “Exports” from the dropdown menu to the left of the channel name. See screenshot below.

4) Click the “Download (CSV)” button to download the exported data. See screenshot below.

5) Open your .csv.
Column D lists the video titles which is what you'll use to match the videos to your data. If your video content is from a survey, the video title should be your respondent/panelist id.
Column S and all columns following is where you'll insert your filter data.
Before you start: Do not edit any other fields in the spreadsheet. Do not insert, delete or move rows and columns.

6) Match the video title to your data and insert new filter data starting in column S. The filters must be in the following format: Filter Group:Filter Category e.g. Age:18-25. Each filter should be in a separate column. See an example of the format in the screenshot below.
Note: If there is data in the filter columns already, start by inserting the new data to the right of the existing data so you don’t overwrite any existing filters.
Tip: If there are a lot of data and videos to match, consider using the Concatenate function to combine cells and get data in format Age:18-25 and the Vlookup function to look up and match data efficiently.

7) Before uploading your filter data, ensure there are no commas or colons in the filter data (except for a colon between filter group and filter label e.g. Age:18-25) as this will prevent your data from properly uploading to LivingLens. See here for an example of what your filter data should look like.

8) After you've double checked that data and format are correct, save your sheet as a .csv. Then, go back to the LivingLens platform and ensure you're in the correct channel. Then, select “Imports” from the dropdown menu to the left of the channel name.
Note: If you don’t see Imports, contact LivingLens Support via Medallia Knowledge Center to upgrade your license to a Channel Admin license for the channel you’re trying to upload to.

9) Then, select “Data Import,” then “Continue” and select your .csv file with containing the filter data you added. This will import the filter data that you’ve listed in the .csv.

10) Check that all the filters were uploaded by going to “Media Library” then click “Filters” to see if the data you uploaded is coming through in the “Custom” section.
Note: If you don’t see the filter data in this section right away, wait a few minutes, refresh your page and check again. It may take several minutes for all the data to upload depending on the number of filters you’ve added.

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