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Tutorial Video: Filter Content
Tutorial Video: Filter Content
Written by Jeremy Shapero
Updated over a week ago

Filters are available to help navigate to specific content.

Choose from Standard filters, which are applied to all media uploaded to LivingLens , such as Country and Media Source. Select from Custom filters that are bespoke to the channel - see our Create & Edit filters tutorial for more information.

If cognitive services are enabled on the channel, use Cognitive filters to navigate to content where certain emotions are shown through Sentiment Analysis or Facial emotional recognition.

To use filters:

  1. Click on the Filters icon from the banner at the top of the page to open the filter drawer.

  2. Select your desired filters by clicking the radio button next to the term.

  3. Click Apply Changes to view the resulting media.

  4. To remove or edit your filter selections, click the X next to the filter term.

  5. Alternatively, to exit, click Disregard Changes.

  6. Remove your filter selections by clicking the X next to the filter term or by clicking Clear Filters from the banner at the top.

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