Tutorial Video: Upload Media
Written by Jeremy Shapero
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Role required: Customer Admin, Channel Admin, or Pro. See User roles.

To upload a video, audio or image file:

  1. Click on the arrow in the top right menu and select Uploads.

  2. Click on the New Upload button.

  3. On the New Upload screen, view the platform's supported file formats.

  4. Click Upload Media to choose the file that you wish to upload. In your file explorer, change Custom Files to All Files to ensure that you see all files available to you.

  5. Fill in all mandatory fields, which have a red star.

  6. The file title will automatically appear as the media title but edit this if desired. A Title has a 75 character maximum.

  7. Optional: Input a media description. A Description has a 600 character maximum.

  8. Select the Language the media is in from the drop down menu.

  9. Select the Country of origin the media is from.

  10. Optional: Add tags by typing a word or phrase and click Enter/Return.

  11. Optional: Create and/or select the relevant filters for your video by clicking the Filter Editor.

  12. For video or audio files: From the transcription menu, select human transcription or machine speech recognition depending on what is included in your partnership. If you have an available SRT or VTT subtitle file you can upload it by selecting Subtitle Upload and uploading this file. Or, you can opt for no transcription by leaving the transcription menu as Not Required.

  13. Once you've made your selections, click Save Upload to upload your media.

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