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Shared content
Written by Jeremy Shapero
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Role required: Customer Admin, Channel Admin, or Pro.

Shared content allows a primary user group to view all media in a LivingLens channel and restrict designated, "Shared content" users to only access selected media. Shared content users can only see the media designated as Shared.

Example uses for Shared content.

  • Restrict users to only see one demographic or subset of media

  • Vet media for Personal Identifying Information (PII) or Adverse Events before sharing with stakeholders

A channel can only support one group of Shared content. It is not possible to create multiple selections of Shared content media (such as different countries or demographics) and allocate different users to view different media selections.

Shared content has two components.

  • Shared content management

  • Shared content user setup

Shared content management

  1. Click Select Media to open the editor.

  2. Click the circle in the center of the media thumbnail so it has a checkmark.

  3. Use the page numbers in upper and lower right of the screen to review all media.

  4. Once all Shared selections have a checkmark, click Save.

  5. Edit your selections at any point by clicking Select Media.

Note: If media is uploaded to a channel on an ongoing basis, best practice is to review and update Shared content on an ongoing basis.

Shared content has a Shared icon on a media thumbnail’s lower left corner. The icon is visible unless a user is a "Shared content" user.

Shared content users do not see the Shared status icon on the media thumbnail.

Important: Best practice is to make an initial Shared content selection before setting up Shared content users. If no media is selected as Shared, a Shared content user will not see any media when they log in to LivingLens.

Shared content user setup

Once users have made an initial Shared content selection, Customer Admins should add users and apply the Shared Content Add On role via User management. If your account does not have a Customer Admin, contact LivingLens Support via Medallia Knowledge Center to request Shared content users be set up with LivingLens access. Include user first and last name, email, the channel they need access to and that they should be added as a "Shared content" user.

Alternatively, designate Shared content users in your Project Information Form.

Shared content users need to be specified on a channel by channel basis. Shared content users can have a Pro or Standard user role.

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