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My media thumbnail says "Import Failed"
My media thumbnail says "Import Failed"
Written by Jeremy Shapero
Updated over a week ago

On rare occasion, media does not successfully upload to LivingLens.

When this happens:

  • The media thumbnail reads Import Failed.

  • The media player on the Media View page is dark grey.


The most common scenarios for Import Failed are:

  • CaptureMe β€” A respondent may leave their Wi-Fi connectivity zone before they fully upload a media file.

  • Media Capture β€” A respondent's Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity may dip while they are recording or uploading their media response.

Contact LivingLens Support via Medallia Knowledge Center to report Import Failed media in your LivingLens channel.

Include in your report:

  • The LivingLens channel name

  • The URL(s) of the media

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