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Media Library: Word cloud
Media Library: Word cloud
Written by Jeremy Shapero
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A LivingLens channel's word cloud displays a selection of words weighted by how frequently they appear in channel transcripts.

Use the word cloud to view the most commonly spoken words in channel transcripts and to identify search terms.

Word cloud display

  • The word cloud displays terms weighted by the number of media items the term appears in. The largest terms appear in the most media items.

  • The word cloud only displays English terms sourced from spoken word English transcripts and English translations.

  • Words from Machine Speech-to-Text transcripts will only appear in the word cloud if they have a 50%+ confidence score.

  • The word cloud displays terms

  • Common speech terms (and, or, etc.) do not display in the word cloud.

To use the word cloud

  1. Open the word cloud by clicking Wordcloud in the banner on the upper right.

  2. Review the displayed terms.

  3. Click any term. This searches the term in the platform. The word cloud refilters based on the search results.

  4. Channel content displays word cloud search results by relevance, with the most relevant content appearing in the upper left of the Media Library.

  5. Click into any media item. The word cloud/search term is highlighted wherever it appears in the Media View.

  6. In the Media Library, close the word cloud by clicking the Wordcloud icon.

Tip: Make selections in the Filter drawer and then open the word cloud to see terms based on filtered content.

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